PressTake TM is a service that provides
quick access to the offers of and information about goods and services mentioned in online media. The service enhances the advantages and opportunities of online media, blogs, aggregators and web search systems.
What use is the PressTake TM project of?

For webmasters


Evidence says CTR and conversion are high due to the ad algorithm, it being context-aware

The PressTake banner is not an ad but rather a recommendation or the next logical step for the user - to find more information about the mentioned product. We constantly add more products and offerings to the catalog to meet the requirements of your visitors and to anticipate their wishes.


Discreet advertising

The PressTake banner is not intrusive from the user perspective and works only when/if needed


Asynchronous code that does not interfere with your web page

Just a single line of code which does not affect neither the website download rate nor its SEO rating.



The banner is automatically changes to match all types of mobile screens



The users only click the ad explicitly if they wish. The likes of automatic redirects are off-limits.


Only checked sources

We doublecheck all the clickthrough references, and the user only goes to where expected


Easy onboarding process

We're integrated with leading trackers like Kochava.


All the advertisers are subject to moderation, and we take only quality advertising spaces on board - those that provide valuable content to the users.



Highly effective advertising

The advertising efficiency is due the fact that user clicks on an offer conscientiously, a click is an explicit choice - not a result of accidentally missing the 'close' button.



Flexible partnership conditions

We're open to discussing various partnership conditions like payment for click, impression, install, etc.



For users

PressTake helps anyone who is looking for products, services or reviews on the Internet. When we come across a product mentioned in the text we're often interested in:


        ● whether this product is available for purchase


        ● if not when is to going to be available


        ● how much can it cost?


        ● where can i read comments and reviews?


        ● where can i buy it?


You can ask those questions to a system that knows all, but it takes time to get the necessary information and there's no guarantee you get the relevant and unbiased result rather than SEO-optimized links. webportal is about to replace this page soon.


Get in touch with us, and you'll be the first to learn when it's open. Be the first, be with us.


For advertisers


Tell us about your blog


Get the account details, the banner code and the instruction. Setting it up is literally as simple as 1-2-3.


Add the code to the site template, watch the revenue grow and get further insights into your blog with the statistics


You can install the code in 2 minutes: just a single line in the template of your webpage

Checked and quality media only

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